Luxusheat PE-RT Pipe 20x2mm (Pe-rt)

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‚ÄčLuxusheat FlexiPERT Pipe

Available in 100m and 240m coils.

Our PE-RT pipe is composed by 5 layers, PE-RT, adhesive bonding, EVOH - oxygen barrier, adhesive bonding, PE-RT. Made entirely of plastics the pipe has a uniform structure which makes it durable, corrosion resistant and non-reactive to metals.

A lightweight pipe that can be used in all types of warm water underfloor heating installations. Our ultra flexible 20mm EVOH pert pipe is manufactured to ISO9001 standards ensuring outstanding performance & reliability.

Made in the EU with a 25 year guarantee.


The FlexiPex pipe system is available in 12/16/20mm pipe diameters. This pipe system has been used extensively for UFH systems for over 50 years. PEX pipe typically is used for the following applications by diameter:

  • 12mm - Overlay and refurb systems
  • 16mm - Domestic systems
  • 20mm - Commercial systems

Polyethylene Pipe Cross-Linked (PEX) Advantages:

  • Smooth low friction bore
  • No scrap valve (thus reducing theft)
  • Barrier preventing ingress of oxygen
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Highly flexible


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