Luxusheat From Below Heat Plate (1000 x 310 x 0.7mm)
Fit from below system
  • Luxusheat Timber Suspended Heat Emission Plate Fit From Below
  • Fit from below system

Luxusheat From Below Heat Plate (1000 x 310 x 0.7mm)

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Luxusheat's from below system is an aluminum heat emission plate which is fitted from below when I-beam or metal web joists are installed. The pipe is fitted into and gripped by the specially formed plate with 200mm pipe centres for 16mm pipe.

In some circumstances floor joists may be inaccessible from above making it difficult to install underfloor heating pipework without raising the floor height. To overcome this and make the installation as easy as possible the fit from below heat emission plates can be fixed to the underside of the decking from the floor below.

FlexiPex 16mm underfloor heating pipework can be pulled along the joists and clipped into specially formed grooves in the plates. The plates are designed for 400mm centre joists and hold the UFH pipe at 200mm centres, to give an equivalent output to standard heat emission plates.

As with standard plates it is also essential that insulation is installed between joists as close to the underside of the plates as possible. Insulation should conform to all relevant parts of the Building Regulations.


    Technical Spec

    • Best suited for FlexiPex 16mm Pipe
    • Maximum Output :- 70w/m²
    • Flow Temperature :- 45 – 58°c
    • BS EN 1264 Design on request.

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