Mini Press Gun - (16 - 32mm)

List Price: £960.28 + VAT

Product Code: BFB30006


REMS Mini - A Universal, super handy battery operated tool with automatic circuit control to produce perfect pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems. The tool has a pipe pressing range Ø 10 - 40mm and will fit our jaws 16mm to 32mm. Automatic circuit control (ACC) provides secure crimping within seconds and automatic locking of the pressing tongs. High compression pressing tongs manufactured from specially hardened steel with Rems technology. Tong contours are system specific and correspond perfectly to the respective pressfitting system giving perfect, safe press jointing.


  • Super light, super small, super handy. Drive unit with battery only 2.6 kg. Works anywhere, free-hand, overhead, also in particularly tight areas. Optimum weight distribution for single-hand operation. Drive unit with inserted pressing tongs can be put down on the battery ready to pick up. Ergonomically designed housing with soft grip. LED work light for illuminating the work place. Swivelling pressing tongs seat, rotation angle > 360 °. Secure seating of pressing tongs/adapter tongs by automatic locking.
  • Pressing operation with ACC For reliable service, operating and functional safety. Automatic retraction after completion of pressing operation (automatic circuit control). Ultra fast Pressing under 4 s.
  • Drive Enormous thrust and pressing force for fast and perfect press jointing. Thrust force 22 kN. Powerful electro-hydraulic drive with powerful battery motor 21.6 V, 380 W output, robust planetary gear, eccentric reciprocating pump and compact high power hydraulic system. Safety tip switch.
  • Battery or mains operation Li-Ion 22 V Technology. Highly resistant Li-Ion 21.6 V battery with 1.5, 2.5, 5.0 or 9.0 Ah capacity, for long service life. Light and powerful. Li-Ion 21.6 V, 1.5 Ah batteries for approx. 250 pressings, 2.5 Ah for approx. 390 pressings, 5.0 Ah for approx. 780 pressings, 9.0 Ah for approx. 1400 pressings Viega Profi press DN 15 with one battery charge. Graduated charging state display with coloured LED. Operating temperature range – 10 to + 60 °C. No memory effect for maximum battery power. Rapid charger Li-Ion 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 70 W. Rapid charger Li-Ion 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 300 W, for shorter charging times, as accessory. Li-Ion 230 V/ 21.6 V, 15 A voltage supply for mains operation 230 V instead of Li-Ion battery 21.6 V, as accessory.


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