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Luxusheat Single Room Overboard Heavy Pack 150mm c/c 0-12m2

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Room Pack Summary
We believe underfloor heating should be quoted and designed on a project by project
basis. The means that we can accurately estimate the materials required for the areas
minimising construction waste. We can also make sure that the heating system is as
efficient as possible when designing each project individually.
We therefore do not offer large “multi-zone” kits, if there is more than one thermostat
and the system size is over three manifold ports (three loops) then we would prefer to
quote the project and send a detailed bespoke quotation.
0 - 12m2 - Overboard Heavy.
Single room, one zone pack designed to be plumbed into an existing radiator system, when the radiators are on
heat is supplied to the manifold. The pump and blending pack has an integral temperature switch so when the water
temperature from the boiler reaches 40°C the contact closes and the underfloor heating pump starts circulating water
through the underfloor heating loop. (Not suitable for microbore heating systems please call us for pipework design
*Please note that no air temperature controls are supplied with the kit. If air temperature controls are required, then please see the options available in the air temperature controls section. Please be aware that a 2 port motorized valve may also be required.

Technical Spec

Luxusheat Overboard Heavy 12

This is the perfect solution for retrofit applications with its low height on 18mm. Made from fibre cement, the panels have excellent thermal conductivity and are ideally suited for any heat source.

Pre-grooved to accept Luxusheat's FlexiPex 12mm at 150mm centres and coupled with our end returns it really is a simple installation. Existing floors may need to be latexed to ensure a flat surface to accept the Overboard Heavy 12.

Pack Contents include:

1x Luxusheat FlexiPex 12x2.00mm Pipe (85m)
2x 12mm x 3/4" Eurocone Pipe Connector
2x Luxusheat Plastic Bend 12mm
1x Water Temperature Control Pack (Single Room)
24x Luxusheat Overfloor 12 Heavy Straight Panels (800x600x18mm)
30x Luxusheat Overfloor End Returns (300x150x18mm)
2x Luxusheat Overfloor Glue

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