Luxusheat Single Room Screed Pack 200mm c/c 0-30m2

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Product Code: LUXSRMPK30


Room Pack Summary
We believe underfloor heating should be quoted and designed on a project by project
basis. The means that we can accurately estimate the materials required for the areas
minimising construction waste. We can also make sure that the heating system is as
efficient as possible when designing each project individually.
We therefore do not offer large “multi-zone” kits, if there is more than one thermostat
and the system size is over three manifold ports (three loops) then we would prefer to
quote the project and send a detailed bespoke quotation.
Above 20m2 - Screed
The larger kits come with pump, blending valve and manifold for a single zone, the kit comes complete with pipe and
fixings, 2-port valve & by-pass and should be installed with dedicated flow and return pipes from the boiler.
*Please note that not air temperature controls are supplied with the kit. If air temperature controls are required, then please see the options available in the air temperature controls section. Please be aware that a 2 port motorized valve may also be required.

Technical Spec

Luxusheat Screed System - Clips

Using the Luxusheat Prostaple gun, simply clip the pipework directly through the slip membrane to the floor grade insulation. The clips comes in two lengths of 40mm and 60mm and hold the pipework fastened during the screeding process. This is a tried and tested, cost effective solution with high outputs.

Pack Contents Include:

2x Luxusheat (UFH Only) MLC 16x2.00mm Pipe (80m)
1x Luxusheat 2 Port Manifold (Lock Shield Valves)
4x 16mm x 3/4" Eurocone Pipe Connector
1x Luxusheat Compact Control Set (14kW)
1x Honeywell By-Pass Valve
1x Honeywell 22mm Two Port Motorized Valve
1x Luxusheat Screed Floor Edge Strip (50m)
1x Luxusheat Prostaples 60mm (Box 600)

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