0-40m2 Single Room Solid Floor (Wireless Stat)
  • Luxusheat 0-40m2 Single Room Solid Floor Pack

0-40m2 Single Room Solid Floor (Wireless Stat)

List Price: £894.75 + VAT

Product Code: LUXSRMPK40W


Traditional pump, blending valve and manifold supplied for a single zone, comes complete with 2-port valve, by-pass and wireless programmable thermostat.

Pack Contents:

  • Pipe: Pipe Type: Luxusheat UFH Only MLC 16x2mm (200m in total 2x100m)
  • Clips: 2 x Box 50mm pipe clips (250pcs)
  • Manifold: Luxusheat 2 loop manifold complete with Flow Meter valves, air vents, pressure gauge and drain points. Inc. Pump, Blending Valve, 2 port valve & bypass)
  • Connections: 4 x 16x2.00mm Eurocones.
  • Screed Products: 1x 50m roll Screed Edge Insulation.
  • Room Controls: Heatmiser Slimline Wireless Kit


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