0-30m2 Single Room Solid Floor
  • Luxusheat 0-30m2 Single Room Solid Floor Pack

0-30m2 Single Room Solid Floor

List Price: £734.52 + VAT

Product Code: LUXSRMPK30


0-30m2 Screed Room Pack at 200mm c/c’s with Pump and Blending Valve

Our larger kits come with pump, blending valve and a manifold for a single zone. The kit comes complete with pipe and fixings, 2-port valve & by-pass and should be installed with dedicated flow and return pipes from the boiler.

Pack Contents:

2x 80m Coils of Luxusheat MLC 16x2mm Pipe

1x Luxusheat 2 Port Manifold (Lockshield Valves)

4x 16x2mm EuroconeConnectors

1x Luxusheat Compact Control Set (14kW)

1x Honeywell Bypass Valve

1x Honeywell 22mm Two Port Motorized Valve

1x Luxusheat Screed Floor Edge Strip 50m

1x Luxusheat Prostaples Box (600)


*Please note that Thermostats are now an optional extra please choose a thermostat from our temperature control section on our website.

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